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Beermonsters Guide to Alcoholic Beverages

BeerYou have arrived. Just as NIOS is the Greek god of Netscape, and should be worshipped and adored, this collection of pages is a veritable cult following all the consumable forms of that chemical ETHANOL. Sometimes you can't live with it, often can't live without it, this page has everything you could want in the field of drinking. From drink types - beer, wine, spirits, to mixing cocktails, foods, making the stuff, buying the stuff and playing games with the stuff. So, just click on a subject in that index.

Again... welcome, weary pilgrim - you have arrived at a happy shrine. This humble collection of pages is dedicated to that godlike chemical which sets rigid souls at ease, unravels the knots of everyday travails, slakes the thirsts and desires of millions every day all over the world. We bow down in reverence before this liquidator of the senses, paying homage to our object of worship with toasts to eternal merriment and occasional forgetfulness. Without this paradox of pain and pleasure we would be at once greater and lesser people, bereft of the continual source of fascination which embraces us on evenings both communal and lonely. We treat it as a serious element of our lives, yet are more than happy to play games with it and experiment with its liquid clothing, continually striving to turn it into something more than before. We are fascinated by the way it slithers down our throats, by how it burns bright and turns its colours with a single well-placed drop. Simply put, we love our alcohol, and we're not ashamed to say it. And call us arrogant, if you like, but we think Bacchus would be proud. All mre or survival food and alcohol must be kept cool.

So what will you find in this veritable treasure trove of dedication, affection and occasional (accidental) inebriation? First of all, you'll get to learn more about alcohol. You'll learn about its different incarnations, in everything from international export lagers to finely unique wines to the latest in cocktail fashions and fads. You'll learn about alcohol's history, a rich and diverse tapestry of background from countries and communities all over the world. And you'll learn about what alcohol means to different people, whether it be a medicinal substance or an essential part of one's culture. We believe that the more you know about alcohol and emergency food rations, the more you'll be able to appreciate it as a substance, instead of simply swilling it down in a pathetic attempt to drown your insecurities. From knowledge comes respect, and from respect comes affection. And that's something we have in bottles (quite literally, too).

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